Top 5 Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival in 1.17

Today we're showcasing a list of Top 5 Minecraft seeds for survival in 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update.
These seeds are for Java Edition which can be downloaded from the official Minecraft Website.

Minecraft is a sandbox-style survival game in which a player can make their own world or play together with their friends in their world.

Even though these worlds can be auto-generated by a random algorithm working behind the game, players can use seeds to generate a specific type of world according to their needs that's why we bring you the top 5 survival seeds that'll not only fulfill your needs but also give you a beautiful experience on your fresh new world in the latest Minecraft  1.17 update.

1.) 834769748139291188 (Village with Mansion)

  • This seed (834769748139291188) spawns you right inside a village but there's a catch, right behind you is a woodland mansion.
  • Having a Woodland mansion and Village at spawn makes it quite an ideal seed for survival.
  • This seed is a must use for gamers who want to begin a thrilling adventure in a brand new world.
  • Even though the village is inside a Dark Oak Forest, there are many more biomes under 500-600 blocks radius of the spawn which makes it easier to get different variety of resources.

2.) 2027137130838960293 (Jungle Temple Spawn)

  • What can be better than a Jungle temple at spawn to get you started on your adventure.
  • The seed (2027137130838960293) spawns you right inside a big jungle and just 10 blocks west is a Jungle Temple with some goodies.
  • The jungle is a good place for getting huge amounts of wood and making treehouse bases.
  • Just a few blocks away, there's a beautiful little pond and a ravine to grab some ores in the beginning.

3.) 3444202850832351 (Double Village Spawn)

  • Just when you think what could be better, the seed (3444202850832351) spawns you inside a Taiga biome.
  • Going 80 blocks in the southwest direction, you'll find a giant village that is actually two villages spawned together with a blacksmith house to grab quick loot.
  • The village has a Ruined Nether portal in the center making it speedrunner's favorite.
  • Taiga, Dark Oak, and Birch Forest are the biomes surrounding the village in multiple directions which is good for farming tons of wood.

4.) 3227028068011494221 (Seaside Village)

  • Spawning near the shore there's a big village backed with a Huge desert.
  • The village provides an ideal place for those who want to build a seaside town with water docks and custom ships.
  • Digging straight down on coordinates (-274, 14, -255) will lead you to a zombie spawner.
  • The spawner is connected to a big mineshaft leading to a geode as well as few cave spider spawners.

5.) 848491899908 (Acacia Double Village)

  • The double Acacia village at spawn provides a good amount of resources for starting your new survival.
  • Making a Nether Portal inside the villages will lead you to a safe spawn.
  • Going to (X 750, Z -500) coordinates in the nether will lead you to a Fortress inside soul sand valley which is the best place to make a wither skeleton farm.
  • The village itself touches a part of the plains biome for your building needs.

Note:- The following seeds are tested in version 1.17.1 of Minecraft.

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